Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Deep thoughts

I read about this project a few weeks ago in a book about artists who work on a very large or very small scale. Erlich is one of the former, as you might guess. This is just such an unusual idea to have, much less realize, but on a certain level makes perfect sense.


susan said...

This is wonderful, all the more so because it's so marvelously simple.
and no.. I didn't figure it out immediately.

Speaking of things I can't figure out, here's one of our favorite tricks from the Penn and Teller 'Fool Us' show. To be honest, I can never figure out most of them.

Ben said...

Simple, as you say. It's a pretty basic optical illusion, but one that can keep grabbing you.

I couldn't figure out that card trick. Obviously a big part of it is distracting the audience, as one can do when one speaks 100 MPH in an archetypical Canadian accent. But as to how he actually did the sleight of hand I can't say. The easiest answer would be that Penn is his confederate, but then there'd be no reason for them to have him on the show.