Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Getting to know you

I'm noticing a lot of what seem to be effectively blind dates these days. It might be because so much of coupling is done through phone apps nowadays. But you'll be out and at a table there will be a couple who, you can tell by their conversation, don't know each other at all.

There's frequently a quality of sales pitch in these encounters, and it's obvious who's doing the selling. The man talks more, talks louder, is more grandiose. My sense of order in the universe insists this must backfire a lot of the time.


susan said...

There are obviously many complications with modern dating. I can't even imagine worrying about whether or not to change my FB status, never mind wondering what my 'friends' on Instagram would think of him/her.

They do say the one who appears less interested is the one with the power.

Ben said...

You bring up a good point about how "friend" means something different in the context of FB and Instagram. You have to question the basis of "friendship" when it can simply be "un-" at the push of a button. Obviously people do still have friends, but it's an ambiguous term now.

"When in doubt say less" seems like a good rule of thumb.