Sunday, August 14, 2016

Deep into the dog days

We've had two thunderstorms in the past couple of days. In fact Friday night I heard a lightning strike just outside of the cafe I was in. It was a somewhat nerve jangling experience.

But neither of those storms did anything to cut down on the heat, which is immense. Just makes you appreciate cool breezes more when you find them, or they find you.


susan said...

Close by lightning strikes can be disconcerting, can't they? I hope the cooler weather has arrived by now. If not, at least you have the comfort of knowing that mid-August means September will be coming soon.

It's been warm here and a bit humid but not seriously hot like the temps we've seen reported in NY and New England. We're supposed to have some heavy rain with a storm tomorrow. The good news is the raspberries and blackberries in the park are doing well.

Ben said...

Up and down, but things have gotten a little milder. The thunderstorm didn't immediately cool anything down, though.

Being able to pick raspberries and blackberries in the park must be a treat. And add some nice fragrance.