Saturday, June 13, 2015

Unofficially summer but really summer Saturday Random Ten

Yes it's the heat and yet it's the humidity. It's the kind of weather where you learn just how salty you are.

Another movie post coming pretty soon. I'm not promising the movie's good mind you. Just that I'll have something to say about it.

1. Finn Riggins - Icy Sparks
2. Sarah Vaughan - What Kind of Fool Am I?
3. Les Baxter - The Shrike
4. The Beatles - Think for Yourself
5. Beth Custer - You Are Song
6. Broadcast - You and Me In Time
7, The Ramones - Beat on the Brat
8. Magnetic Fields - The Trouble I've Been Looking For
9. Morphine - Scratch
10. The Kinks - Love Me Till the Sun Shines


susan said...

So far we haven't had the heat and humidity in these parts but I'm sure we'll get some in the fullness of summer.

You know we always enjoy your movie reviews. Finding good ones to watch can be tricky.

Nice SR10 this week - at least the ones I know. Love Me Til the Sun Shines is a very old favorite.

Ben said...

The fulllness of Summer is here, I think, or at least we're getting a taste of it.

I'm glad you like the reviews. They can be fun to write.

It's a very garage-y song. Dave sounds like he's enjoying himself.