Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The little sister

Huh. Well a few weeks ago I read James Morrow's Towing Jehovah and sort of raved about it here. (Too lazy to do the self-linking thing right now.) My prize commenter said she liked Only Begotten Daugher better. And damn, I can see why now. Yes, I can definitely see. Certainly "Andrew Wyvern" is a great alias for the devil. A little less on-the-nose than "Louis Cyphre".

Also, I may never look at sponges the same way again.


susan said...

I became a fan of James Morrow when I first discovered Powell's so I'm really glad to hear you got around to reading this one. After all these years my memory of the entirety is pretty vague but I do remember enjoying her encounters with Andrew Wyvern and, of course, her dear mother.

Ben said...

The heroine's tabloid newspaper advice column is pretty funny too. But yeah, meeting her mother just brought the whole thing home beautifully.