Thursday, June 25, 2015

Feet first

I was chatting with a guy on the bus, friendly acquaintance so we usually at least say a few words to each other when we meet. Anyway, I look down and see that we're wearing the same exact make and model of shoe. Got them at the same place, of course, and I think for the same discount.

From what he says he wears out shoes a lot faster than I do. Then again my definition of "worn out" for sneakers is "levitating over the sidewalk on a thin network of rubber."


susan said...

That's pretty funny you both had the same ones. I too tend to wear my shoes longer than I should - mostly because I'm wrong about half the time when deciding if new ones will be comfortable.

"levitating over the sidewalk on a thin network of rubber."
Sounds a bit scary :)

Ben said...

Some people have a harder time finding good ones that will fit. The footwear industry has all the sizes covered, although some extreme bigs and smalls will have to go to specialty retailers. But different widths and shapes aren't always covered.

It can be a bit scary. That's how I know I've let it go too long.