Friday, June 5, 2015

Blown out Friday Random Ten

Quentin Dupieux's Rubber stands out in both its ambition and its lack of ambition. It's not a demo, a way for him to keep busy until the director moves onto bigger and better things, whether those things are big franchise movies or chasing an Oscar. Whatever Dupieux wants to accomplish he's going to try his damnedest to do in this chees-looking low-budget indie horror comedy.

The plot? Oh, usual kind of thing. A tire comes to life and--I suppose due to lack of guidance--just starts killing people and animals. There's a sheriff on the case, but he doesn't take it very seriously because he knows he's in a movie, although he later learns that he might not be. But there is an audience, a group of spectators who stand and watch in the desert. Well, the first half anyway.

So have you seen another movie like this? Probably not lately you haven't.

1. Mose Allison - Strange
2. Les Baxter - I Concentrate On You
3. The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers
4. Morphine - Honey White
5. Roxy Music - Do the Strand
6. Nellie McKay - Suitcase Song
7. The Ramones - Commando
8. The Who - Mary Anne With the Shaky Hands
9. Lower Dens - Ondine
10. Beth Custer - Marit & Wayne Duet


susan said...

I had to check out the wikipedia story about this one where I learned it got great reviews at Cannes and went downhill after that.. like the way a tire would roll on its own, if a tire could roll on its own very far without falling over. Nope, I've never seen one quite like this but Eraser Head was weird enough at the time. Your droll review of Rubber was most entertaining.

Another fine FR10 you have here. I loved that Roxy Music song and Mary Anne With the Shaky Hands is another old favorite. They just don't write them like that anymore.

Ben said...

The movie was made by a French intellectual who just happens to work in LA, so I guess it was made for a Cannes audience. This is probably a different ilk of weird from Eraserhead, but I could see them on a double bill.

"Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands" is indeed the kind of song they don't make anymore. Although they hadn't made a lot like it before, either. I love the tremble in Daltrey's voice during the chorus.