Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shedding a little subject on the light

My apartment has a ceiling fan in the living room. The fan has a light in the center, as I think most of them do. Well, a few weeks ago I replaced the bulb. I guess when I put the cover back on it wasn't very secure, because when I came home a few days later the cover had fallen and shattered.

Well, I just got around to fixing it. It's a "prismatic" glass globe, clear but with ridges running down the side. Especially with a clear bulb it makes these incredible rays on the wall, kind of like a transparent curtain. It feels like Mr. Spock is going to walk in any moment playing a Vulcan lute.


susan said...

I too have a great fondness for seeing scattered light. Crystals hanging from a window frame do magical things to a room on a sunny day.

I never did see Mr. Spock play a Vulcan lute. Sounds cool.

Ben said...

Oh yes, I remember the crystal hanging in the - I think - kitchen window, and all the little rainbows you could send spinning around the room.

If I'm not mistaken he played some kind of space lute for a gang of spacebound hippies. Not sure the episode was actually good, but he was still cool.