Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The sky is falling

I went to the Starbucks in the Biltmore Hotel in Providence this evening. When I got there a big part of the store was roped off with police tape because part of the ceiling had fallen in. Investigators from the fire department were poking around. When the action died down I hoped to ask the employees what exactly had happened/how it had happened. But it was not to be, because more FD people piled in and then they wanted to evacuate the building. So I had to leave just a few minutes after coming in.

I've been checking Google news to see if there have been any stories about it. Nada so far. As I've hinted before there just aren't enough sources nowadays for local stories, or any stories outside of a certain band of what are held to be common interests. In the information age a lot of information just dissipates.


susan said...

We had a similar experience this past winter when walking past one of the fancier apartment buildings we noticed an enormous hole in a section of the ground in front of the place. The curved driveway and the garden it enclosed were gone and underneath we could see the parking garage open to the sky. We found nothing when we looked for news about what had happened.

A lot of what passes for news is nothing but celebrity gossip. You're right that the essentials are overlooked.

Ben said...

Wow. That is a pretty momentous story, albeit one that seems not to have been reported. I wonder if some money changed hands to keep it quiet.

News plays down to the level it can afford to be at, I think. Since so much of the audience has short attention spans the shortness of the attention winds up being rewarded. Might there be more substantial coverage in other parts of the world? Perhaps, but I think the problem is pretty universal.