Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Witness the whiteness

Winter Storm Juno, as they're calling the blizzard, touched down last night and has had its way today. We now have snowbanks the height of an adult male, although this is partly because the plows had to move it from one place to another.

Like everybody else, I've been Junoed in, unable to go anywhere. So I've read, listened to some tunes. Never lost Internet connectivity, so I did some surfing. You know those clickbait headlines that show up on all articles now? I saw one that read "Huge celebrity implants you've got to see!" And I'm like, "If I haven't already seen them, she's not really a celebrity."


susan said...

The snowfall here turned out to be far less than what was forecast - true most everywhere I read about. I hope you haven't had too much difficulty getting around.

It's all about hyperbole nowadays when speaking about news, weather, and clickbait in particular. Hah! unnamed celebrities.

Ben said...

I've pretty much been able to get where I've wanted to go, with the exception of a couple of times when public transport rerouted itself. I'm learning to have a plan B for things like that. Tomorrow we get some more snow, apparently enough for a parking ban. See how that goes.

Unnamed? Or do these organs just doubt they've done their duty in getting the word out?