Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter thoughts

Brrr. I'm a fan of winter, but it has been bitter cold today and tonight. Probably the kind of weather that's better appreciated in retrospect, or behind the thick walls of a heated room. If not both.

Also, I'm sort of glad that of all the times I could have a terminal computer crisis, the time it happened was the week of the Charlie Hebdo thing. There's too much posturing whenever something like that happens, and who needs the temptation to add to it? What is there to say? It's awful what was done. The world is, as always, filled with people doing bad things, good things, nothing, or some combination of the above.


susan said...

I know what you mean. I've reached the point where I have to make sure both pockets are amply supplied with kleenex.

I also agree it would have been a good time to be without a computer (or a radio or tv set for that matter). I managed to avoid the temptation but came close when a couple of co-bloggers hung that sign on their posts.

Ben said...

A lot of times there is a draining effect, isn't there?

I'm not saying no one had anything to say, or that there's nothing to say. Only that the majority of what anyone said was entirely disposable. Your co-bloggers might be an exception.