Thursday, January 1, 2015

Have you seen? Have you heard?

A lot of short people I've talked to think that tall people have it made. Not necessarily so. I won't deny there are advantages, and I (moderately tall, not NBA star level) wouldn't necessarily trade. Still, there are drawbacks. If you look at a commonly accepted list of ways of conveying confidence they tend to be things that people of smaller stature do almost as a reflex, but that some of us have to remind ourselves to do.

I thought about this today while watching Foxcatcher. Mark Schultz, played by Channing Tatum, is quite a bit bigger and buffer than I am. (At least in the movie he's also denser and more naive.) The man is dominated by two smaller guys. The good one is his brother Dave, a wrestler like him. (From what I remember about the high school team, wrestling does draw a lot of smaller statured guys.) The bad one is John E DuPont, whose status as a manipulative sociopath is obvious to the audience at least.

This is a good, bleak film. There's an act of violence I knew was coming near the end, because I'd heard of it being in the movie and because it happened in real life. It still hurt

Less depressing is this Miranda July story I read tonight, and that - who knew? - is posted in English on a page from Russia's answer to Facebook. The idea of a woman teaching older's to swim in her apartment, obviously with no pool available, is funny and beautiful. Although it is sad she knew her boyfriend wouldn't be interested in the story. Why the hell wouldn't he be?


susan said...

Although I never used to wear glasses other than driving and watching movies, these past few years I've become accustomed to wearing them whenever we go out. It's nice to be able to see the seals that sometimes bask on rocks offshore for one thing, but seeing all the rest clearly is good too. The funny thing I've noticed is that on those drizzly days when the glasses get too wet to see through and I have to take them off, I suddenly feel four inches taller. No wonder I always used to imagine myself a tall girl.

I hadn't heard about Foxcatcher until now. You make it sound like a very interesting movie we'll look forward to seeing when it's available to stream.

The one we're really, really looking forward to now (so much so we're planning to see it on the big screen) is the release of 'Inherent Vice'. The book was very good.

I enjoyed reading the Miranda July story. Her idea for providing her swimming students with bowls of lukewarm salty water to dip their faces into was ingenious. I think she'd decided that since she and her boyfriend had broken up that he wouldn't be interested in anything she did. Why do you suppose she said at the end that her swimming students would be dead now? Maybe I'll read it again tomorrow.

Ben said...

Ooh, I like the idea of seeing seals sunning themselves on the beach. That's definitely worth wearing glasses. And I'm sure being a mother made you feel tall too. Well, for the first few years.

Hope you like it when it comes to stream, if it hasn't already. I haven't read any recent Pynchon except for Vineland, which fell apart so bad it kind of discouraged me. But Inherent Vice does look interesting. I might pick up the book to.

That's a good read on the story. The boyfriend is entirely off-page, but it could be a case of end-of-relationship coldness. And I think she assumes her students are dead because of how old they were when she met them. Although her own youth might be distorting things.