Saturday, January 10, 2015

The return of...

Okay, yeah, as you might have guessed, I'm on a different computer now. The short version is that while the problem with the old one might have been simple - seemed simple, anyway - fixing it turned out to be complicated, and the time and money would only maintain it until the next thing went wrong. So this is all right, except I kind of miss Windows Vista.

In the interim I've done a fair amount of reading. There's this coffee table book on modern art that I'm still in the middle of. Interestingly an older gentleman I met on the street last week told me he was an artist and showed me photos of some of his paintings. He was pleased when I was able to guess that he was influenced by the Fauvists. Knew about them before I read the book, but still.

I also read The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters. It's a murder mystery/police procedural set in New Hampshire a few months before an asteroid is due to plough into the Earth, devastating humanity. The fact that there's no apparent hope of survival in the long term might be a barrier to getting into it. That also turns out to be the book's greatest asset, the fact that it's in effect a prolonged Serenity Prayer.


susan said...

It sounds like you made the right decision about getting a new one. I just hope you didn't lose any of the work you'd done before the collapse. Does the new machine have windows 8.1? From what we've read it seems that is actually 9 and that MS is coming out with 10 next.

I'm sure you gave that elderly artist a good impression when you recognized his work as Fauvist in style. I always loved Matisse and, just as much, Georges Braque.

It is kind of a coincidence you read the book about the investigation of a murder mystery just as an asteroid is about to wipe out life on earth. The night before we read your post we watched George Pal's 'Worlds in Collision'. Unlike your book, the movie was classically bad.

semiconscious said...

welcome back!...

& thanks for mentioning 'the last policeman', because 1) it sounds interesting & 2) it reminded me of a singularly weird book i'd read & forgotten about called 'the third policeman', which you might or might not find interesting...

Ben said...

Yeah, it was just a little extra to get what they call a data transfer, meaning that documents, pictures, videos, etc. were carried over to the new machine. The documents were the crucial thing, but other stuff was nice to keep. And it is 8.1, luckily without any of the onscreen keyboard nonsense. Someone else told me they were coming out with Windows 10 next. I guess they want to skip to the round number?

Braque is good. He was also one of the founders of cubism, so his name probably came up when Matisse and Picasso got together.

I still might watch that movie one of these days. It appears to have Dr. Bellows from "I Dream of Jeannie" in it.

Wow! You're both numb and semiconscious? How'd you swing that?

It's worth reading. I'm not sure the hero of the book would like me in real life, or that I would want him to, but he's a good focus. It's kind of philosophical in that it concerns what matters and what you do when faced with an unavoidable disaster.

I actually have read "The Third Policeman". Probably sstill have it somewhere here. It's a trip. I think I started reading Flann O'Brien when I heard he'd been an influence on RA Lafferty.