Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It all comes out in the wash

Tuesday is usually laundry day for me. Every other Tuesday, that is. This week, for reasons you might be able to guess, that wasn't to be.

Instead I went tonight after work. I got there somewhere in the six pm zone. Now, part of me was wondering if I'd even be able to grab a machine. After all, they and the entire world as far as we could tell here had been closed Tuesday, and Monday they must have closed early, and probably people were otherwise engaged even before they closed. So I figured after a couple of days out of commission they might be packed. Or the place could be empty.

It was the second one. The attendant told me they'd been dead all day. So I just went about my biz and did my crossword. Oddly enough two college-age females were starting around the time I was finishing, near last wash. Well, "oddly" by some definitions.


susan said...

Under the circumstances I'm sure i would have been making the same guesses as you. People can be hard to figure out in the aggregate too. It was certainly a plus you were able to get your washing done without trouble, though.

Ben said...

Yeah, couple of good breaks in that I was able to get there relatively early and again, there was no competition. Silver linings, as they say.