Friday, January 23, 2015

Sealed, delivered

The opening warning on this video and the music are gilding the lily, and could easily have ruined the whole thing. What pulls me back in is looking at the background. It's so wonderfully weird to know that this is going on almost within swimming distance of a pretty large maritime town. Hell, maybe you can make it if you're a marathon swimmer.

SR10 returns tomorrow. I just had to find out how to fully reboot iTunes after the change in computers.


susan said...

While the two at the front end seemed perfectly settled it was hilarious watching the others struggle to get on the surfboard and then sliding right over because of their bullet shape. I've mentioned we see seals around here every so often but the rocks where they like to bask are about a hundred yards offshore. We don't get to see their adorable faces like the ones this guy caught with his remote controlled camera.

Ben said...

I guess you're not likely to see their faces much in person because their habitat just happens to overlap where we humans happen to be. We're in a different orbit. Still, it's gotta be cool to see them out o the beach.

Surfboard doesn't have much friction. Must be hard to hold on if you have flippers and you're not a surfer.