Monday, January 27, 2014

What would have gone here is not here

I realize this might look like another excuse post, but...  I did intend to blog about something tonight.  I got caught up in what I was reading, which may be worth a post in and of itself.  Time went by, couldn't think of the right tone for what I'd planned to blog about.  Eventually the whole thing started to seem unnecessary.  (Not the whole blog.  That's not going anywhere.)

Chalk it up to research for a later thing.  As far as what I would have written here goes, you're not actually missing much.


susan said...

Sometimes these things happen. While you're thinking about what to write next maybe you'd enjoy watching some fine performers from long ago.

Ben said...

Thank you, Susan. Cute, musical, and could find work in a circus with no problem. I'm a little puzzled by "Solid Potato Salad", though. If there's such a thing as liquid or gaseous potato salad I'm not sure I want to know about it.