Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Random Ten Saturday Random Ten

The place where I had breakfast I sat next to a family of four.  Nice parents.  As it happens, the waitress was/is expecting.  The mother offered her some baby stuff like a crib bed while they were on the way out.  Gotta figure they have some extra items since they have fraternal twins.  Both girls, both blondes, but you can tell they're not identical.  Nobody has twins more than once, do they?  I guess somebody must have, but you'd have to be really, really Catholic.

1. The Fiery -Furnaces: Staring at the Steeple
2. Amy Winehouse - I Heard Love Is Blind
3. Pink Martini - Până când nu te iubeam
4. Metric - Breathing Underwater
5. Scissor Sisters - Return to Oz
6. Lambert - Hendricks and Ross: Gimme That Wine
7. Beck - Go It Alone
8. They Migh - Be Giants: Canajoharie
9. Mose Allison - One of These Days
10. R.E.M. - Talk About the Passion


susan said...

I know it happens that some women are more likely to have multiple births than others so I'd expect that before birth control there were lots of families that had more than one set of twins, or triplets, for that matter. Now I can't help but remember one of the opening scenes in The Meaning of Life.

Happy to see you were successful in rattling the handle on your i-pod. Good SR10 what with Beck, TMBG, Mose and REM all bringing up the back end. I'm going to have to check out the Fiery Furnaces.

Ben said...

In the past, yes, there probably were more women having multiple sets of twins, or twins and triplets. Of course this was also in a time with higher infant mortality. So aside from the lack of birth control there was also an insurance factor. (I knew you'd picked that Meaning of Life clip. Always a welcome choice.)

It was actually iTunes on my computer that needed the handle rattled. The fix was to dump all the apple products and then re-download iTunes. Easy come, easy go, easy return.

The Pink Martini song is really good too. Don't be put off by the ugliness that results on this blog whenever I have to import text.