Friday, January 31, 2014


Hi y'sll. I've been hit with a little cold here. That means I am appreciating Alka Seltzer Plus. Watch out for the nighttime stuff, though. It will put you out faster than you think. NOT A JOKE! I started this blog post on Thursday night, passed out, and came back to it on Friday night not certain of if I had posted it - I hadn't - or if I was still in Blogger - I was. Anyway I'll be able to sleep longer on Saturday morning, which should fix me up some.


susan said...

My tolerance for otc meds is such that even two ibuprofen make me drowsy and as for tylenol nighttime, it's best if I'm in bed before I swallow one.

I hope you're feeling better today.

Ben said...

I thank you for your wishes. Yes, being able to rest up has made me feel a lot better. Oh, and I didn't sleep through my entire workday on Friday if you were wondering. Not that it's never a temptation.