Friday, September 23, 2011

Wet weekend Friday Random Ten

Due to my prospects of working in a hospital, this week I got a PPD test for tuberculosis. I went back today to get it checked on. Turns out I'm 100% TB free. Not that I had any reason to doubt the outcome, but you take your good news where you can find it.

In other news, we're heading into the weekend with a heavy drumbeat of rain. But the weather's not being all drama queeny about it like it was in late August.

1. Blossom Dearie - A Fine Spring Morning
2. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Kinder Murder
3. Roxy Music - If It Takes All Night
4. Reading Rainbow - Cut in Two
5. Annie Lennox - Ladies of the Canyon
6. Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
7. Wes Montgomery - My Romance
8. Talking Heads - Found a Job
9. Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs Robinson
10. Patsy Cline - Strange

* Like so


Steve Finnell said...

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susan said...

It's always a relief to know we haven't caught something even though the catching of seems unlikely.

We've got rain too but in a way that made the walk nicer - having the Public Gardens to ourselves is always a treat.

My favorite this week has to be Roxy Music bur I enjoyed your sample of Reading Rainbow. It's been Pink Floyd around here this weekend.

Ben said...

As it turned out the rain was basically just a Friday thing. The weekend was humid, but not wet.

And you can certainly do worse than a Pink Floyd weekend.