Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shut off

Not long after I came home today, the few appliances I had on went off. Annoying, yes, but I knew I wasn't alone in losing power. I knew this because the light in the hall wouldn't go on either.

But it didn't stop there. I went out a little later and saw that basically every house on my street was dark. The stores had their own generators, apparently. And it turned out much of Angell St was down too. I learned this by talking to a girl at a coffee shop who I'd overheard talking about flashlights.

The blackout only seeme to have lasted for an hour or two, but it was surprising. We didn't lose power when we had an actual--if diminished--hurricane. But we did during tonight's much more modest rainstorm. Expect the unexpected, I guess.


susan said...

Along with the rest of the infrastructure that was built long ago that's so expensive to update now you have to wonder about ageing transformers. I hope you got your power back before the ice cream melted. I hate having to eat a whole gallon all at once.

Ben said...

Wait, how did you know I had ice cream? Well, it's not an outrageous guess. The power came back on while I was out. I'd been chipping away at the ice cream through the week, but it still would have been a lot for one sitting. :)

The infrastructure has to be pretty worn, you're right.