Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Non-Facebook status update

Right now I'm writing this in a Starbucks with wi-fi, because I don't have Internet service at home. Why not? Because I don't. The bill's paid up, the equipment is hooked up, and it's just not working the way it should. Anyway, I took the day off today but the only time the cable guy could make it today didn't work for me, so I have to wait until tomorrow evening to get it fixed.

What else is up? Various and sundry things.

When a man starts losing his hair, he'll at least think about shaving his head to cheat the hangman, as it were. Monday I actually went ahead and did it. May or may not keep it up, depending on whether I like the results. This I can tell you: Anyone who does this, at least the first time, isn't going to get much more use out of that razor blade.

Also I put my number on the Do Not Call Registry. That's probably overdue. I used to have a roommate--and we're still friends--who enjoyed telemarketing calls because he liked fucking with the salespeople. I could see enjoying that, but what I'm getting now is an unending stream of auto dialer calls. Don't pick up, they'll call back in five minutes. Pick up, say "hello" and you won't get an answer, but they'll still call back in five minutes. There's a company in Seattle called "technologygolf" that's apparently too shy to ask me out. This I do not need.

And today I went to Miriam Hospital for prospective volunteer orientation. Even during the week, I think I can squeeze in four hours to help. There were apout eight people at the meeting, not counting the volunteer organizer. There were a few high schoolers and at least one pre-med student looking for experience. The remainder were adults like me, bored and/or at loose ends. I was kind of surprised not to see any retirees. Maybe it's more of a summer thing for them.


susan said...

It's irritating to lose a cable connection through mysterious circumstances. Sometimes ours acts as though it's hooked up in series like old fashioned Christmas lights.

I'm sure it looks fine but my guess is you'll get bored. Maybe you could wear a glove while using the old blade to remove the masking tape residue from your windows.

Good idea. We get robo calls very rarely. So far we haven't even bothered to hook up an answering machine.

You'll probably enjoy a little volunteer work there. In my experience pre-med students often do that kind of thing because it looks good on the applications. A lot of retired people volunteered at OHSU but, personally, I've had enough of hospitals to last a while.

Ben said...

I can see the Christmas lights resemblance. It turned out that the modem was basically dead. I guess that happens after a while. Didn't get a replacement until 12:30-ish today.

I have a couple of striped shirts, but I'm not sure I can commit to the scarring needed for the Freddy Krueger look. :)

The word might be out. A couple of the main offenders seem to have stopped. Knock on wood.

Yeah, I can see how you'd have had your fill for a while. As for pre-med, I guess that's how you do it.