Friday, September 30, 2011

Deep tracks

This is a project I can get behind. You can turn just about anything at hand into a musical instrument. So indeed, why not an entire tunnel. Oh yes, of course, I hope the sound doesn't crack the Earth's core or rouse Cthulhu. Still, these are the risks you take as an artist.

The particular train station they're working at has a musical history, of course.

(Oh, and probably Saturday Random Ten this week.)


susan said...

I sure was wishing the video had just been the singing rather than the boring description. Hearing the Kinks play live in the tunnels would be even better, if anything could wake Cthulu You Really Got Me in cavern reverb might do it.

Ben said...

I'm guessing the video was from a BBC report or something like that. Could have been done with more verve, I agree.

The Kinks meet Kthulhu? That would be a rockin' apocalypse.