Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good pictures of stuff

I've watched DVDs of several seasons of PBS' Art 21 series. It's an interesting window of the creative thinking and processes of various artists, only a few of them are annoying enough to make me want to escape.

The organizzation has also put a bunch of profiles online of artists who they haven't covered on TV. This is one of those.

Lucas Blalock's 99¢ Store Still Lifes | "New York Close Up" | Art21 from Art21 on Vimeo.

From what's shown, Blalock is an interesting guy. He admits to going down some blind alleys, which is I think a potentially embarassing subject for creative types. I also enjoy the physicality of the photos he's shown making. Guess using the old view camera is a good move. (Isn't that the same kind of camera that keeps getting wired as a bomb in all those old Warner Bros cartoons?)


susan said...

I just sat and watched the video with a smile growing on my face. It's very cool that he's comfortable enough within the strict limits of his space, as well as the requirements of that huge old camera and tripod setup, to make some seriously interesting photographs with stuff he finds.

Yes, I think it is the same kind of camera :-)

Ben said...

Yeah, he's taking a very interesting and neat approach. Colorful results, too. Thought you might like him.

Hope he doesn't hold onto the stick of dynamite too long.