Sunday, September 25, 2011

Notes from a sound sleeper

I'm a pretty sound sleeper. Once I'm in the land of nod, a fair amount of noise and ferment can occur without disturbing me.

Still, when ten pounds of wet plaster and wood fall from your bathroom ceiling, that's not really something you can sleep through. Not if you have hearing.

Going back to bed until you feel up to dealing with it? Different story.


susan said...

That sounds like a problem that calls for a licensed plumber. Let's hope you have a decent landlord.

susan said...

ps: We live in a 40 year old building with plumbing scheduled to last 30 years. It was only a few weeks ago a crew arrived with news the place below us had the same problem before they proceeded to rip out the wall behind our kitchen sink.

Ben said...

Oh man. Yeah, I suspect houses get older faster than they used to. Hope you weren't too put out.

I have a wood patch over the shower stall now. If nothing else, it should hold longer.