Monday, March 29, 2010

Chopper notes

Having undergone a few different medical procerues, I'd have to say getting a tooth capped isn't the worst, but it's fairly brutal. Mostly because you have to stay invloved with it, biting this, letting go of that. No chance to pass out or go to your happy place. (You know, where the lesbian trucker is a sky nymph who's hopelessly in love with you.)


susan said...

I've been there and more than once, more's the pity. After a while you just want to tell to just super-glue it in and you'll figure out how to deal with it.

susan said...

The flooding looks awful. I hope you and your friends are all okay.

Ben said...

In the long run I guess it's a good thing. I have the temporary crown in now. While it feels kind of weird, it's also more substantive, so the permanent one should be okay.

Flooding in Providence mainly meant big puddles, not much more. It's the advantage of living in a hilly city. Now if I lived in our old Pawtuxet Village stomping grounds it would be a different story.