Thursday, April 1, 2010

I is confuzzled, Fox

Here's a little something on the recent kerfuffle of LL Cool J not wanting an interview of his on Sarah Palin's new talk show, and the network calling him a "fledglng actor" when he's been acting about 20 years now. I'm sure, as Weimman says here, that Fox knows the value of branding. Do they not know the value of putting out a quality product, though? Both Cool J and Toby Keith found interviews from other venues being included in this show without even knowing about it. Call me crazy, but I'd say a mark of quality in a talk show is actually having the host talk to people. Governor Youbetcha cuing up Youtube clips doesn't really cut it.


susan said...

Fox news could be understood as being completely insane except for the fact they do these things on purpose. It's all part of the Overton window aspect of their game.

Ben said...

As is the case with Rush Limbaugh, I think the passive acceptance of the audience is scarier than the actual content. If people watch and say, "Okay, they're probably not telling me the whole story," then it's not so harmful.