Friday, April 2, 2010

The Friday Random Ten That Was

The Kee-razy weather we got last weekend and early this week has apparently flooded out a lot of basements. Now my building has basement apartments, as do many others. Providence got wet, but since we're the high ground as these things go, flooding wasn't too bad. Do not envy people with basement apartments in, say, Warwick.


1. The New Pornographers--Entering White Cecilia
2. Bob Dylan--4th Time Around
3. Yuka Honda--You Think You Are So Generous, But It's the Most Conditional "Anything" I've Ever Heard/Jumping the Gap Between Me and Myself*
4. Roy Orbison--Trying to Get to You
5. Los Campesinos!--Romance is Boring
6. Devo--Shrivel Up
7. The White Stripes--Stop Breaking Down
8. David Bowie--What in the World
9. L'Attirail--Machovo Vitava - Part 1
10. Isobel Campbell--Hori Horo



susan said...

Glad you're keeping your feet dry - and everything else too. Another nice selection (L'Attirail is one of my favorites).

Ben said...

They are pretty amazing. I'm pretty sure you and Jerry sent that one. Once I got into it, I could really see it.

susan said...

If you'd plug that little black plastic box we sent into your computer you'd find a lot more music :-)