Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where am I?

If posts are few and far between/nom-existent, the reason is not too sinister. The charger on my laptop died, after what I should have taken as a warning. This is both a minor problem and a major pain in the ass. Minor because I have an extended warranty (been burned before) so I should be getting a replacement sometime next week. Major because there's only about a half hour left on the battery. So comp use outside of work or a library (where I currently am) is pretty much out.

On the bright side it's a little easier getting decent sleep hours. And this book on vervet monkeys I'm reading is kind of esoteric, but I'm making progress in it.


susan said...

I'm glad to hear all is well but for a bum charger. When you're up and running again I'd be interested to hear a bit more about the vervet monkey :-)

Ben said...

Oh, it'll be coming.