Thursday, March 25, 2010


Health care reform that anywhere else in the developed world would be deemed eighty years past due? Apparently it's sufficient cause for murder attempts. This is too depressing for words.

While we refer to our form of government as a democracy, the truth is that motivation and intensity are more important than numbers.* Ergo, I really hope these people aren't the only ones who are energized.

*And money, which is all over the healthcare debate but is another subject.


susan said...

In a country that's so mesmerized by television all that needs be done to foment craziness is for them to focus on a few loonies. Before you know it 'teabaggers' are being taken seriously by a significant part of the population.

The problem with the health care bill according to the person at the other end of the couch (and I agree) is that a law has been put into effect that demands people pay for health coverage. This is like having a law that says children have to be educated without providing public schools.

It's not the world going crazy so much as the US :-)

Ben said...

A law that says... educate children... no public schools...

Don't be giving them ideas now. :)