Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Panic! America!

From a leader at Liz Cheney's prom committee comes some alarming news.

Cheney declined to speak with POLITICO, but Keep America Safe Executive Director Aaron Harison said, “The American people have a right to know who in the Department of Justice is setting policy regarding detention of terrorists and related national security issues.”

“Did officials now appointed to make key decisions of national security previously take legal or policy positions at odds with their current responsibilities? Lawyers in private practice have the right to volunteer ‘pro bono’ to defend terrorists,” he added. “However, membership in the legal profession does not immunize a person from questions or criticism of their prior actions. The American people have the right to know if the same lawyers who have previously taken public positions at odds with U.S. policy are now in charge of that policy.”

So, if I'm following along correctly, there are people in government who used to say and do different stuff back when they had different jobs. Yes, I had to lie down as well


susan said...

It's kind of like saying a lawyer who defended someone accused of murder is not only a fan but a cohort of Hannibal Lector.

Ben said...

Ah. Ah my dear. No, a crass technician of the law, my cohort? No no, I should think not. A man of my gifts, of my refinement has all too peers, I'm afraid.
~~~H. Lecter

susan said...

Good one :-)