Monday, November 21, 2016

The big drop

Friday and much of Saturday were basically mild summer days, as annoying as that might be. Yesterday (Sunday) and today have been howling winter. In between have been maybe a few hours of fall on Saturday night. This is the damnedest week.


susan said...

We've arrived at that time of year when it's wise to have a hat and maybe a pair of gloves in your pockets just in case. Around here it's also not a bad idea to keep an umbrella handy. Today we went out for a walk in sunshine and came home in rain - thankfully, a light rain.. this time.

Ben said...

I generally have a hat and scarf with me when I go out. Gloves I keep in my winter coat, so if I'm not wearing that and my hands get cold I have to get creative. Glad to hear the rain that had started by the time you got home was light. I've been in not-so-light rain without an umbrella, and it's never a fun experience.