Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Some reminders for my fellow people of European descent:

Yes, it does look like we're declining, or shrinking as a portion of the overall population. Productive or not, it's inevitable some are going to freak about this.

But if your concerned about your family's wellbeing, there's a fix. Recognize universal human rights. Accept that everyone should be able to live how they like. "Everybody" will include you, your children, your' children's children, etc.


susan said...

Just think how valuable the few specimens of ethnic
white people will be in the future. Of course, we
have to thank George Carlin for saying it best.

Ben said...

Think of white folks in the future, walking down the street as everybody blinks and rubs their eyes. That is a masterful set by George Carlin, too. Just the bit on "happens to be" is endlessly quotable.