Sunday, November 27, 2016

Loud and proud

I find it can be kind of fun to read poetry aloud. Getting a feel for how it should sound, how the sound helps it mean. You don't need, by the way, to worry about where a line ends. If something looks like a sentence, read it as one.

You can do this in a lot of coffee shops and other public hangouts, I find. Of course you don't want to disrupt anyone else's conversation, but you can get a rhythm going and not bother anyone. Not sure about public libraries, though. Technically it seems like something they wouldn't like, outside of a special area. The one nearest me has totally hoisted the white flag on cell phone use, though, so why draw the line here?


susan said...

Is this something you've been doing lately among your friends or are you experimenting to see if people really are so attuned to their smartphones they ignore eveything else?

Our new and fabulously fancy library has more space devoted to computer stations than to books. The rest is coffee shops, rest areas and a performance space.

Ben said...

Hm. Well, haven't really done anything like that around friends lately. I might find it fun, in a collegiate nostalgia kind of way, but I'm not sure they'd be into it. As for the smartphone people, well, I can't make their choices for them.

New fancy libraries do tend to neglect what's really vital about them, it seems. That's why I prefer keeping the old ones maintained.