Thursday, November 17, 2016

Health update

Been somewhat under the weather this week. The first week after you become unemployed is in some ways an inconvenient time to catch a cold, because looking for work takes time and energy. On the other hand there are fewer hard deadlines. Oh well, I have at least managed to get my name out to a few places.

Also, next week my first prescription glasses come in. I'm oddly excited about this. The optometrist gave me an idea of how things will look when I wear them, and it promises to be much clearer. And I certainly won't mind how they make me look, all distinguished and proflike.


susan said...

Never is the best time for having a cold. Hope you're feeling better now and I'm glad you were able to get around a bit, plus you have a very stable work history which should help.

Eye tests are kind of weird, aren't they? I always have the urge to try to pass them.

I'm sure you'll look very nice - and you'll be surprised at how much more clear the world will look.

Ben said...

The cold cleared up in a week, maybe a little more. At this point I'm still taking cough drops, but just a couple a day, and nothing else.

I can see - har har - that urge to try and pass. It's a good thing you can't, not just like that.

The world does look a lot clearer. One nice thing too is that if I'm reading a book I can just read it, both eyes open. Before I had to close one eye so I wouldn't be too distracted by the phantom image.