Saturday, November 12, 2016


I wonder if anyone has ever tried being a nighttime street musician in a residential neighborhood. You know, open your saxophone case on a sidewalk near a bunch of houses around 11:30 at night or later. Pick it up and start blowin'. Wait until someone comes out and pays you to move it along. It probably wouldn't work out well for you, but the temptation has to be there.


susan said...

A long time ago when we lived in Vancouver our friend Daniel once was ticketed for singing and whistling late one night on a residential street. I don't imagine anyone would fare better today unless, of course, it was a party where eveyone was invited.

Ben said...

Yeah, that's the thing. If people don't know you they'll assume you're drunk or high and not want you on the streets of your neighborhood. If they do know you and/or they're one or both of those things, you may have better luck.