Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Saturday Random Ten turns

I ran into a friend tonight who was reading a book on vermiculture. Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof, to be specific. He's been in the Peace Corps and has some interesting ideas for business/social ventures. Hope they work out.

1. Finn Riggins - Vs. Birds
2. Sarah Vaughan - Baby Won't You Please Come Home
3. Simon & Garfunkel - Save the Life of My Child
4. Lou Rawls - Your Good Thing (Is About to End)
5. Les Baxter - Blue Tango
6. Dave Van Ronk - Cocaine
7. The Ramones - I'm Affected
8. The New Pornographers - Another Drug Deal of the Heart
9. Broadcast - Tears in the Typing Pool
10. Beth Custer/Joe Goode Performance Group - The Mermaid


susan said...

The world could certainly use some new approach to business/social ventures - those in particular that don't involve financializing everything. I wish him luck too.

Very nice SR10. I'd forgotten about that S&G song til now - but not so much that it isn't playing in my mind now.

Ben said...

As far as financializing things goes, you have to wonder how far that can go. You think it's reached its limit and then...

That is a great song. It's got this great opening low keyboard, and keeps up the intensity all the way through.