Sunday, August 23, 2015

Living up to its name

One of those sites that can keep you occupied for days on end is The Weirdest Band in the World. The webmaster/editors have compiled hundreds of acts, from those just about everyone knows (Devo, Beefheart, P-Funk) to the truly obscure. The lady below is one of the latter, it's pretty safe to say. They also mention her being a Residents fan, which shows.

More or less weird than the metal band with a parrot for a lead singer? The great thing is you get a chance to judge for yourself.


semiconscious said...

very resident-y! her singing even sounds a bit like molly (who, besides doing occasional vocals for the band, also personally ran their mail order store for a number of years - very sweet lady :) )...

so many weird bands, so few ears. aphex twin is a big personal favorite, & senor coconut was a pleasant discovery a few years back. & then there's wild man fischer:

'No longer will Sunset Strip crawlers and UCLA students be able to “buy an original song for a dime” (a favorite Wild Man sales pitch when he was out busking) on their way to happy hour...'

yes, i was one of those students. r.i.p., wild man...

Ben said...

I just watched (mainly listened to) a concert video of the Residents with Molly singing James Brown's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World." Man, did they make a great hire with her or what?

Senor Coconut (forgive the lack of tilde) was one I discovered at your place in Portland. He makes fun, beautiful music. As does Aphex Twin, who seemed to be retired for a while but he's triumphantly back.

Wild Man. He's got a fascinating story. Fell out with Frank Zappa, but he had a comeback of sorts years after that. I don't think I knew you'd actually met him. Now that is something to treasure.