Tuesday, August 11, 2015

...and cover

Ducks Dining from Microdac on Vimeo.

Not sure where this is going on, but I like the feeling of serenity that comes from it.

Ducks must see the world differently from us. Any creature whose eyes don't face the same way will have a different neurological setup. Wonder what that's like. Is it related to the head dunking?


susan said...

Ducks are fun to watch, I agree. We often see groups of them here just offshore where rafts of them float together on the waves. It's funny when they all dive at once and then pop up again one after another. I'm not sure it's a lifestyle I'd enjoy myself.

Ben said...

Well it's their thing. I guess as long as they're having a good time that's what's important. Must be fun living on the coast and seeing all these things.