Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday night grab bag

Never heard of the singer/guitarist here before - apparently by the name of Ollie Ford. Probably doesn't have a recording contract or anything. Do love what she's done with this song, which was originally synthpop.

This week I've been reading Padgett Powell's The Interrogative Mood: A Novel?</>. The book is made up entirely of questions, although some have declarative sentences buried within them. Here's a sample "paragraph."
Is there diabetes in your family? Are you scuba certified? How much will you pay to enter a strip club? If you got a puppy, do you think witnessing its puppy energy would give you yourself a little puppy energy again? Do you like to smell and feel--they'll squeak against your fingers--brand-new automobile tires? Have you ever paid to have something either sandblasted or gilded? Have I told you of the time my grandmother escaped the nursing home and I found her a block away on a door stoop expiring in the sun and she said to me "What took you so long?"

Despite the seemingly perverse format, a character and story do emerge regarding the man - educated guess - asking these questions. You can glean this, and/or enjoy the Bob and Ray flat surrealism of it all.


susan said...

That was a very sweet song.

The book sounds to be quite fascinating even while I wonder how such an idiosyncratic effort could possibly tell a conventional story. I promise to get a copy and see for myself.

Bob and Ray were the funniest ever :)

Ben said...

Yeah, it is a pretty nice one.

I wouldn't say it tells a conventional story. You get interesting hints, though. It's a pretty quick read, as well.

Loved Bob and Ray. They were one of a kind.