Friday, August 7, 2015

As the Friday Random Ten plays with a ball of yarn...

The cat dies. Yes, it's a spoiler, but if you go in thinking anything else will happen, it will be too depressing to endure.

There's a whole gamut of potential responses to the film Goliath, a movie from the Zellner Brothers filmed in Austin. On the Internet Movie Database, a couple of the User Reviews described it as the worst thing they'd ever seen, an abomination, etc. Others liked it, but under the inexplicable impression that it's a comedy.

The nameless main character played by David Zellner is an absurd figure in the Basil Fawlty mode, i.e. someone unsympathetic enough so that awful things can happen to him and it will be funny instead of tragic. But this strategy fails over the 80 minute course of the film, and I think it fails on purpose. There's a limit on the number of indignities you can root for, and by the climax even the cringe comedy has palled. Mind you, what the guy does is as hard to watch as what happens to him, but all things considered not a surprise.

On a lighter note, Goliath show a much stranger and more impressive side of Asian fetish porn than I've seen elsewhere.

1. David Bowie - Starman
2. Fitz & the Tantrums - House on Fire
3. Sarah Vaughan - In Love in Vain
4. Beth Custer & the Joe Goode Performance Group - Take/Place Finale
5. Fairport Convention - Book Song
6. Nick Drake - Northern Sky
7. The Beatles - In My Life
8. Irma Thomas - Time is On My Side
9. Morphine - Free Love
10. Dave Van Ronk - Long John


susan said...

Now I've read your review as well as the plot summary on imdb I'm completely sure I'll never put this one on my list of 'must see' movies. It does sound like an overall miserable way to spend a couple of hours. I hope you're over the worst effects by now.

Did we tell you there's a brand new library just a few blocks away? The old one was so bad we never went back after joining and looking around the first time - except for the time we stopped by with some books to donate and a snotty volunteer told us they only accepted paperbacks no more than five years old.. Anyhow, we weren't expecting much from the new one until we visited shortly after it opened. It's wonderful - tons of windows and thousands of books to choose from. Anyhow, we're in the midst of re-watching The Wire now we can borrow the series. I can't recall if you ever mentioned having watched it but, if not, it's very good.

Nice, very nice FR10. I love Starman. There's a guy named Ziggy in the second year of The Wire - quite the opposite of Ziggy Stardust. Sarah Vaughn's 'Love in Vain' and The Beatles 'In My Life' are both great songs too.

Ben said...

Yeah, it's the kind of movie that I admire for the creators doing their own thing, but I'm not sure I'd use a word like "like" or enjoy. Thought it bore remarking, though.

I just looked up the new Halifax library. Kind of like the looks of the building. It's like some kid just went crazy with the building blocks.

I wonder where the Ziggy name comes from, originally. One of my roommates at college had that nickname. I don't really see the corruptible young stevedore from The Wire being named after a Bowie song, although I suppose stranger things have happened.

Agree that Sassy's "In Love in Vain" is very nice.