Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some thing good

I just discovered an artist named Stuart Ober today. Well, discovered him for myself, anyway, if not the world. The world could stand to learn of him, though. The website for the gallery that represents him in Boston seems to be the only place online that shows his work.

I love a good still life, but I especially love a good still life that shows hints of character, even if there are no people in sight. Ober's paintings show objects with a lot of personality.


susan said...

This was a really good find. The picture you posted of his is my favorite of the group shown on the webpage, but I liked the others too. The paint on the carpet was very haunting.

If I could paint realism, it would be wonderful to portray similar vignettes.

Ben said...

Yeah, I like the paint on the carpet too. The chairs jammed on the staircase is a funny one.

The artwork that you do is quite amazing, I think.