Sunday, April 19, 2015

Down with the sickness

There's a difference in degree at least between eating something that disagrees with you and eating something that shouts down your every attempt to reason with it, seizes your wallet, and throws you down a flight of stairs. My Saturday morning was the result of the latter. I have a pretty firm idea of what the culprit was, so it's not something I plan to ingest again any time soon.


susan said...

I don't know if it was restaurant or fridge that caused the problem, but I'm glad to know you identified the cause in a hurry. Food poisoning is no fun at all.

Take care.

Ben said...

Thank you. It was almost certainly something I'd bought at the store. Store brand eggrolls to be specific. I still had a couple left over the next Sunday night that I could have warmed up, but I tossed them. In preference to tossing my cookies. :)