Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rendering unto Caesar

I just e-filed my tax returns tonight. It's only in the past couple of days that it hit me how fast the clock was ticking on that one. So there was some anxiety beforehand, but not so far beforehand that I got them done early.

Afterwards I felt kind of exhilarated. And I had a shot - well, a thimbleful - of brandy, to honor my North Country English roots.


susan said...

Taxes for two countries being more than we could trust ourselves getting right, we have a tax accountant. If there are any mistakes it's her fault.

Now yours are done you might enjoy reading this fascinating story.

Ben said...

That is a delightful story. I'd love to see the reactions of people who pick up "A Beginner's Guide to Human Sacrifice" for the first time.