Friday, April 24, 2015

Expansive Friday Random Ten

What's is been, three days? I've gone through longer hiatuses, I guess. In this case I think I had some ideas for posts, but none of them made it out of my head. The action is brutal up there.

To make matters worse I may start a new blog on this service soon. Probably not that high a volume one, but who knows?

1. Sonic Youth - Hallowe'en
2. Dave Van Ronk - Samson and Delilah
3. Yo La Tengo - Watch Out For Me Ronnie
4. Sarah Vaughan - Baby Won't You Please Come Home
5. The Kinks - Afternoon Tea
6. The Who - Rael 1
7. Rasputina - Hunter's Kiss
8. Metric - Lost Kitten
9. Pink Martini - Ich Dich Liebe
10. Morphine - Buena


susan said...

There are definitely times when I have far too many ideas for posts in my head and end up writing none of them. In my case, it's complicated by the fact I like to draw a picture for each and that isn't always easy either.

Nice FR10. I'd forgotten that particular Dave van Ronk song until i saw the title.

Ben said...

I guess drawing a picture for each post does make it a larger investment of time. The upside, besides your drawing itself, is that it gives kind of an organizing principle.

I do like that song quite a bit.