Tuesday, September 30, 2014


So I spent all of last night and a big chunk of tonight, basically, trying to send a document on my D drive. Not only could I not do it, I couldn't even open it. Then like a flash it hits me that the D drive isn't part of my hard drive, it's a thumb drive. Embarrassing. But at least I know neither I nor my computer has gone crazy(er than usual.)


susan said...

Tech can drive one crazy. Recently we learned that Apple dropped the i-pod classic a few weeks ago so we went out and bought what was probably the last one in Halifax - the display model at Best Buy. People have been scalping for twice or more their price on ebay et al.

Ben said...

There's a sick kind of symbiosis between companies that discontinue products like that and the mostly online scalp merchants. Not sure how much it drives things. Glad that you got there while the gettin' was good, anyway.