Friday, September 5, 2014

Can't think of a good header

Saturday Random Ten again this week.  The "Friday Random Ten" tag is becoming a relic.  This week I intended to do it on Friday, but Thursday night I found out that iTunes couldn't import music.  Some kind of driver issue which meant that I'd have to reinstall iTunes which, as they say, became a whole big thing.  I eventually resolved it, though.

In less annoying news, a coworker of mine I like is getting married.  It is, I believe, one of those unions that just became legal in the state.  So you can imagine the excitement.  Anyway, I'll have to get in touch with her Monday to congratulate her, which I didn't get a chance to do today.


susan said...

The SR10 is just as good as the FR10 so far as I'm concerned.

It's always nice to hear that people still like each other enough to make it legal.

Ben said...

Just wrote something about the first part now.

It is nice, yeah. Good on them.