Saturday, September 27, 2014

Municipal Saturday Random Ten

Occasinally Downtown Providence - "Downcity" is not a word, boosters - hosts bike races and marathons. They'd better get massive revenue from this, but I don't see much evidence of that. It drives traffic crazy and grinds bus service to a near halt.

I was downtown for part of the night. Happened to be WaterFire night, the second-to-last full lighting of the year. There's some congestion as a result of this too, but it doesn't seem as bad. Or maybe I'm biased because it's colorful.

1. The Band - Chest Fever*
2. Imperial Teen - No Matter What You Say
3. Nellie McKay - Swept Away
4. R.E.M. - Can't Get There from Here
5. Brian Eno - In Dark Trees
6. Beastie Boys - 3 the Hard Way
7. Pink Martini featuring Rufus Wainwright - Kitty Come Home
8. Metric - Artificial Nocturne
9. Fleetwood Mac - Over & Over
10. Earl King - Come On (Pt 1)

* Hudson is God!


susan said...

They do races and marathons around here too, which is fine when they're at the park, but all too often they close the roads. You're right that it makes a mess.

WaterFire sounds very neat. There are some cases where a little congestion is enjoyable - ones that don't involve heat exhaustion.

Cool SR10. I love Chest Fever. You probably know Garth was named after him (but not the Cold Nose Strong Heart part). I really like that REM song as well.

Ben said...

I guess what they're trying to do is make up for being a small city that doesm't have a sports team or anything like that, unless you count minor league hockey. Wait a minute, why wouldn't you count minor league hockey?

Ah yes, and heat exhaustion happens more often during the daytime, so that's a factor.

Oh yeah, I remember where Garth got his name. Well-deserved on both sides, too. :) And yeah, the REM song is neat.