Monday, September 1, 2014

Not to belabor the point

August, over all, was cool for high summer.  Today, the first day of September, wasn't like that.  It was quite hot, and probably one of the most humid days of the year.

When I first went out I was wearing jeans.  I felt like I should be wearing shorts, though.  So I went home and changed.  What I had sort of forgotten was that these were thrift shop shorts, and they're a little big for me.  Really should have worn a belt with them.  When I got home and was climbing the stairs, that was very apparent.  Having your pants fall down goes to waste when you're not at a Friar's roast.


susan said...

Once again it seems the weather you describe experiencing there arrives here right after. I'm still not fond of steam heat :)

Why do I imagine you'd never worn those shorts before - or have you lost weight? The only adults allowed to wear pants that fall down are plumbers.

Ben said...

Yeah, I guess we're in the same corridor. Heat wave seems to have broken now.

My weight has been pretty steady the last couple of years, I think. Did lose weight sometime before that, but I think I'd mostly worn these shorts around the house, so there was less walking and less chance for them to fall down. And yeah, I'm nowhere near having a plumber's license.