Monday, June 16, 2014

Late night with...

It's late and there's a bird outside, singing. Was trying to figure it out. Nightingale? Thought maybe. Found a few nightingale videos on YouTube, but for some reason all YouTube videos are muted now. There's a site with a bunch of bird songs, nightingale among them.  Couldn't make a positive match, though.

Then I decided that surfing around looking for positive proof of the bird's identity on the web was very much beside the point.


susan said...

I enjoy listening to bird songs - especially when we're walking around the park since there are many more there than outside our place. Although, right at this moment, I can hear what's likely a mourning dove - but it could be an owl. Less likely, it's true.

What I do know is that nightingales aren't native to N. America - strictly England, Europe and N. Africa.

I did find this web page that has imbedded calls of a number of birds native to N. America.

Ben said...

Hmmh. I hadn't known or else had forgotten that nightimgales weren't native to North America. Funny how some birds have made the transatlantic trip and others haven't. That website looks like a good resource to have handy, though.