Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just keep going: Friday into Saturday Random Ten

Most of the song titles below belong to music I heard on Friday.  Didn't get around to compiling on Friday night, though.  Why?  Well, they say that you can't take a catnap at twelve midnight, and that turns out to be true. 

Yesterday was the last day for one of the psychiatrists where I work.  I didn't know her all that well.  The shrinks tend to be with patients for most of the time they're in the office, so you don't see all that much of them.  Nice lady, though.  Her farewell party had food, including several kinds of meat.  Not sure if any of that added to the drowsy factor.

1. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Strict Time
2. Fats Domino - It's You I Love
3. The Beastie Boys - Shazam!
4. Neco Case - Margaret Vs. Pauline
5. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Farmer's Market
6. Beck - Morning
7. Brian Eno - St. Elmo's Fire
8. Morphine - Sheila
9. St. Vincent - Digital Witness*
10. Nat King Cole - That Sunday, That Summer

* So New Wave has become part of our shared cultural heritage, and a lot of young bands and musicians not born at the time tap into it.  The artist formerly known as Annie Clark has a fairly unusual twist here, though.  The song kind of sounds like Oingo Boingo with Lene Lovich on vocals.


susan said...

If you're not used to eating much of it I imagine meat might make you tired as it takes some energy to digest. Late night naps do tend to last longer than daytime ones, though - at least mine do. Have to be careful of getting too comfortable on the couch with a good book after midnight.

The FR/SR 10 looks good. Seeing the Beastie Boys song reminded me of a video I watched last month on MCA Tribute Day. It's pretty cool if you haven't seen it. Much of the rest of your random daily selection makes me happy too - Elvis Costello, Fats Domino, Beck, Brian Eno, Nat King Cole are all worthy class acts.

As for the video, I loved her hair :) and couldn't help but notice a little Devoishness in the setup.

Ben said...

If I try and rest on bed at night without going into deep sleep it's pretty much a doomed effort. If I crash on the floor I can still get up but it's definitely part of a downward path.

Wow. Ain't no breakin' like lama breakin'. :)

The hair is kind of like an electrified Jean Harlow 'do. And I'm pretty sure the Devo echoes are intentional.